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Waste Carriers Licence Number TWE/674451

Recycling Plant...

Recycling is now an important part of our lives, as it is our means of improving the environment we live in.

Usually, we only recycle by either using the recycle boxes provided by the Local Authority, or by taking items to Council recycle centres.


The waste WE handle is sorted for recycling.

Our Service To You.



Currently, if larger amounts of waste need to be disposed of, then skip hire is the normal option.


However, skips can cost in excess of £180 and invariably, a large amount of that waste will all end up in land-fill sites.


Our aim is to give you the opportunity to have your waste removed by us, to an authorised waste transfer station, where ALL the waste is sorted, graded and where possible, recycled.


And at a reasonable cost with no additional licence fee.


Under normal circumstances, most of the waste generated today, will end up in Landfill Sites.

To prevent the possibility of causing irreparable damage to the environment, we, as a nation, must recycle more and landfill less.